Local Cheese CSA Add-On

We will be adding a local cheese option to our CSA starting this year, if our members want to sign up for that.  A rotating selection of beautiful cheeses will be added to your share, and members will have the option of ordering extra as you prefer.  If this sounds like something you’d like, please let us know!  



CSA Offers Putney, VT Location in 2017

Starting this fall, CSA members will now be able to pick up their shares in Putney, as well as Brattleboro and Newfane!  Only a select number of pick ups will be available so sign up early.  We are considering a 4th location as well, please Contact Us if you think your town is a good fit for CSA delivery.  Considering Jamaica, Springfield, Londonderry, or Manchester, VT, or Keene,  NH.

New! Summer Meat CSA!

A New Way to Be A Farm Member

The Warm Month Membership is a Free Choice CSA.  Buy farm credit to spend on whatever you want from April to September and receive a discount on your purchases.

10% off when you buy $100 of credit (=2 free pork chops)

 15% off when you buy $200 of credit (=a free roast)

Members are also first in line for eggs and get them “buy 4 get 1 free.”

Please Contact Us if you’d like to sign up!

Sale for Easter & Passover

Sale Prices good through Easter!

We are now accepting holiday orders for Pastured Heritage Meat
Chemical Free, Rotationally Grazed,
and raised right here in Southern Vermont

Number of cuts is limited: please reserve in advance if possible!  Contact Us

For Easter

Ham, SALE PRICE $9/lb

Leg of Lamb Roast, SALE PRICE $13/lb

Pork Loin Roast, SALE PRICE $9/lb

Contact Us

For Passover

Leg of Lamb Roast, SALE PRICE $13/lb

Lamb Shank, SALE PRICE $11/lb

Roasting Chicken, SALE PRICE $5/lb

Contact Us

Please note: We have put aside a number of prime cuts of lamb for Pesach, as we’ve noticed in past years that local farms do not seem to make an effort to serve our sizable Jewish community for important holidays.  However, our meat is not kosher for Pesach.  It is the highest quality, most ethically raised treyf meat available, and so is appropriate for members of the Jewish community who do not keep kosher.

Group Seed Order

Riversong Farm will be placing our annual order with Fedco Seeds on February 5. Local folks are welcome to order with us, receive whatever volume discount we qualify for plus free shipping, and pick up your seeds when they arrive. To order, email me and I will send you the instructions to set up your order through the Fedco website. The deadline for seed orders and payments will be February 3. Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re planning to participate.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Fedco is a worker-owned cooperative that provides the highest quality and most affordable heirloom, organic, biodynamic, non-GMO, and non-proprietary seeds and plants for cold climates (they’re in Maine). Check out their offerings at fedcoseeds.com.

Fill Your Freezer with Pastured Heritage Pork!

Get a whole hog’s worth of rotationally-grazed pastured heritage pork at butcher weight, raised with the highest ethical standards at our small family farm.  They are out of our best Tamworth sow crossed with an award-winning performance Berkshire boar.  Pastured Tamworth x Berkshire produces a rich, dark, marbled pork that is the slow food gourmet standard. It is delicious.

How it Works

You choose your cuts, sausage flavors, smoking, etc. and we handle delivery to the USDA butcher.  When your pig is ready, you pick it up at the farm in boxes of convenient shrink-wrapped cuts, labeled and weighed and ready for your freezer.

How Much Does it Cost, and How Much Meat is it?

$5 per pound based on hanging weight.  Price includes the butcher costs but smoking is extra.  Discount available for 2 animals.

Our average hanging weight is 160 lbs, which yields a total of about 138 lbs of meat to take home, including about 110 lbs of typical cuts plus the atypical cuts or sausage, for a final average price of $5.79 per pound–a deep discount from retail!  Consider splitting one with a friend if it’s too much meat for your household.

Sign Up

$150 deposit required with reservation, payable by check, cash in person, or Paypal/credit card (with 3% Paypal fee).  Balance is due prior to pick up.  Please Contact Us to reserve–only a few animals are available!


Early Bird Special on Thanksgiving Turkeys

Reserve your holiday turkeys in advance to lock in the discounted Early Bird Special price of $5/lb until May 1st!

Our pastured, heritage turkeys are raised without any hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or anything gross or unpronounceable, just like everything else we raise.  They average 17 to 24 lbs and are processed at a local USDA butcher following Animal Welfare Approved guidelines.

Reserving your turkeys in advance helps us plan our season, so we thank our loyal customers by offering this discounted rate and guaranteeing your price, regardless of fluctuations in market price due to rainfall, grain prices, etc.  Everyone wins!

Contact us for more information & to reserve your turkey.  $25 deposit to reserve.