Fill Your Freezer with Pastured Heritage Pork!

Get a whole hog’s worth of rotationally-grazed pastured heritage pork at butcher weight, raised with the highest ethical standards at our small family farm.  They are out of our best Tamworth sow crossed with an award-winning performance Berkshire boar.  Pastured Tamworth x Berkshire produces a rich, dark, marbled pork that is the slow food gourmet standard. It is delicious.

How it Works

You choose your cuts, sausage flavors, smoking, etc. and we handle delivery to the USDA butcher.  When your pig is ready, you pick it up at the farm in boxes of convenient shrink-wrapped cuts, labeled and weighed and ready for your freezer.

How Much Does it Cost, and How Much Meat is it?

$5 per pound based on hanging weight.  Price includes the butcher costs but smoking is extra.  Discount available for 2 animals.

Our average hanging weight is 160 lbs, which yields a total of about 138 lbs of meat to take home, including about 110 lbs of typical cuts plus the atypical cuts or sausage, for a final average price of $5.79 per pound–a deep discount from retail!  Consider splitting one with a friend if it’s too much meat for your household.

Sign Up

$150 deposit required with reservation, payable by check, cash in person, or Paypal/credit card (with 3% Paypal fee).  Balance is due prior to pick up.  Please Contact Us to reserve–only a few animals are available!