CSA Discontinued

When I decided to take the winter of 2020 off from doing the meat CSA, I made a great decision in hindsight–but for totally different reasons from what ended up being important. Running a CSA is phenomenally labor-intensive and I wanted to have more time with my toddlers, so I thought we’d try just whole animal sales for a year–and wow, this is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I can’t imagine trying to manage customer shares and delivery schedules at the beginning of the pandemic with toddlers and no childcare, plus my day job (Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine) needing to move online without notice. No, actually, I absolutely can imagine it, and it plays like a horror movie. Thank goodness for decisions that stand up to hindsight.

Turns out, whole animal sales offer all the things I like about raising livestock in about half of the time, so I’m going to stick with that until further notice so I can focus on my kids during this pandemic. I recommend the Bunker Farm in Dummerston for your meat CSA needs: their meat is the highest quality from the most ethically raised animals.

I hope you and your loved ones are flourishing in this strange world. I miss seeing all of your faces at pickup!