About Our Family Farm

Riversong Farm is a small woman-owned farm focused on raising pastured heritage meats with an emphasis on stewardship, respect, and living the good life here in our bucolic corner of Southern Vermont. IMG_0548

Our chemical-free & uncertified organic products include:

  • Heritage pork (Tamworth & Tamworth x Berkshire)
  • Grass-fed lamb (Jacob x Tunis & Cheviot x Border Leicester)
  • Rose Veal, hand-raised on milk & meadow (Jersey)
  • Pastured Freedom Ranger chicken
  • Pastured heritage turkey
  • Farm-to-table charcuterie
  • Eggs from free-range laying ladies
  • Heritage Breedstock
  • …and heirloom veggies, herbs, gourmet mushrooms, apples, & berries, all organically grown but not certified

We’re in the process of getting certified by Animal Welfare Approved, which will be in place before this winter’s CSA.  Read about their mission and the strict ethical qualifications we meet here.

Where to Buy

To Get In Touch

Use the contact form to get in touch with us. We always have a variety of products for sale and we’re happy to hear from you.