Reserve Easter & Passover Meats Now

We are now accepting holiday reservations for Pastured Heritage Meat
Chemical Free, Rotationally Grazed,
and raised right here in Southern Vermont

Number of cuts is limited: please reserve in advance if possible!  Contact Us

For Easter

Ham, both smoked & fresh, available whole and quartered, $10/lb

Lamb: Leg, $13.50/lb; Shank, $12/lb; Half-Rack, $19/lb; & Shoulder Roast, $13.50/lb

Pork Loin Roast, $10/lb

For Passover

Lamb: Leg, $13.50/lb; Shank, $12/lb; Half-Rack, $19/lb; & Shoulder Roast, $13.50/lb

Brisket, $7.50/lb

Roasting Chicken, $25

Please note: We have put aside a number of prime cuts of lamb for Pesach, as we’ve noticed in past years that local farms do not seem to make an effort to serve our sizable Jewish community for important holidays.  However, our meat is not kosher for Pesach.  It is the highest quality, most ethically raised treyf meat available, and so is appropriate for members of the Jewish community who do not keep kosher.