About Our Meat

 Our livestock experience the highest standard of living and the healthiest diets.  Each animal raised on our farm lives a life full of experiences true to its nature, from piglets learning to root from their mothers, to chickens arguing over bugs in the orchard.

No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals of any kind are used in our stewardship practices.

Our livestock is uncertified organic (although the pigs receive conventional scraps–especially during apple cider season!)  Our farm is not certified organic because, as a small diversified family farm, the costs associated with achieving and maintaining certification would make our meat too expensive to be a viable option for many members of our community, and increasing the accessibility of healthy food is central to our mission.

That said, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and we invite you to do the same!  Use the Contact Us page to ask any questions you may have.

Pastured Heritage Pork

Tamworth and Berkshire pigs raised on rotational grazing (with access to nut & apple trees), vegetable scraps, and local whey. Pastured heritage pork is leaner and more flavorful than factory-farmed pork. Cuts are often smaller, since the pigs do not receive growth stimulants (Ractopamine), and all that outdoor playtime gives pigs a higher muscle mass, yielding a leaner, richer, marbled meat.

Grass-Fed Lamb

Jacob-Tunis & Cheviot-Border Leicester lambs raised on rotationally-grazed pasture. Grass-fed lamb is leaner than commercial options, as the lambs’ movement is not restricted—they get all the exercise they want—and access to fresh pastures yields a richer-flavored meat than lamb raised on grain alone.

Pastured Poultry

Freedom Ranger chickens and Narragansett turkeys raised on rotational grazing through our pasture and orchard. Instead of free ranging, we move their fencing regularly to give them access to the plants and bugs they love so much, while still protecting them from predators.

These are not your typical meat breeds: they run and explore, peck and bicker—in other words, these are birds that act like birds.  They have a much higher quality of life than any other meat breed; in fact, the Animal Welfare Approved organization will not certify farms that raise Cornish Cross chickens, the most common breed in organic agriculture, as they are considered inhumane.  Freedom Rangers & Narragansetts, on the other hand, live full chicken lives. All that exercise leads to a leaner bird with a lower proportion of breast meat, but richer flavor. And you should see these happy, healthy birds!

Pastured Rose Veal

Ethical veal raised on milk and meadow!  Rose veal is a richer flavor, darker pigmented meat than traditional confinement veal, as the animals live full, frolicsome lives as nature intended.

Grass-Fed Heritage Beef

Dutch Belted cattle raised on pasture with the highest ethics.  Cattle are raised in accordance with organic practices and receive no hormones or antibiotics.  Pastured beef is leaner and more marbled than the commercial version, making it both richer and healthier than typical red meat.


2 thoughts on “About Our Meat

  1. Juliette,
    This is Liz Richards – I would LOVE to buy a Full share – how do I do this? Do I bring you a check to work? Do I send it to you? Let me know…


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