Share Contents & Perks

Share Contents

There is space on the sign-up form to opt-out of types of meat.  We make every effort to honor our customers’ preferences.  Please let us know your special requests when you sign up and we’re happy to accommodate you!

Pastured Heritage Pork: Estimated 37% of overall share.  Available as butcher cuts, ground pork, and specialty items like bacon, sausage, smoked ham, and our Farm-to-Table charcuterie.

Grass-Fed Heritage Lamb: Estimated 13% of overall share.  Available as heritage butcher cuts, clean organ meats, and ground lamb.

Pastured Freedom Ranger Chicken: Estimated 25% of overall share.  Available whole and clean organ meats.

Grass-Fed Heritage Beef: Estimated 12.5% of overall share.  Available as a full range of heritage butcher cuts, clean organ meats, and ground beef.

Pastured Rose Veal: Estimated 12.5% of overall share.  Available as a full range of heritage butcher cuts and clean organ meats.


Each cut of meat is conveniently packaged and frozen, to allow for a nice variety in each box. Some cuts are 1 per package, like roasts, while others are 2 per package, like pork chops. This makes meal planning more convenient and flexible for our customers. Frozen meat lasts for quite a while, up to a year in a deep freezer, so if you don’t finish your share before the next one arrives there’s no need to worry about wasting it!

Farm Member Perks

  • 10% discount on additional cuts of meat
  • Holiday Cuts: December shares contain a special cut of meat for your holiday table.  You choose at sign up.  You can use the member discount to add additional, larger cuts for the holidays, including ham, turkey, leg of lamb, rack of lamb, and much more.
  • Local Cheese Add-on: A rotating selection of beautiful cheeses from Jasper Hill can be added to your meat share at a deep discount!  The cheeses are marked down significantly (wholesale prices).  Members have the option of ordering extra.  Choose either size, regardless of your meat share size.

Half Cheese Share: $10/month

Full Cheese Share: $20/month

  • First choice on eggs, Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas hams, etc.
  • Additional Items: cuts of meat, eggs, specialty items like leaf lard and soup bones, and Old Ways Herbal remedies are available to add to your CSA share (24 hour notice preferred).


2 thoughts on “Share Contents & Perks

  1. Hello, I am very interested, my question is can a person exchange an item. Instead of Lamb, xtra beef or chicken? Thank you in advance.


    • Yes, you can choose to not receive lamb on the sign up form. I tried to email you directly but your email doesn’t work. Please use the “contact us” link for further communication, as we don’t always get to website comments quickly!


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